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Who We Are & What We Do

Crawford Media Services, Inc. provides premium content services, including mass digitization, human generated descriptive metadata, digital archive storage and archive asset management for all owners of media content. Our service based model allows us to provide the customized solutions necessary to meet the specialized challenges now faced by content owners. We do the heavy lifting to make unruly media collections ready for market.


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What We Do?
Recognizing the shift from linear to file-based media, Crawford Media Management was launched in ’07. The goal of CMM is to anticipate the services the industry requires, especially with regard to the millions of hours of existing legacy content.


Who We Are?
Since 1981, we have been one of the most highly regarded media services companies in the country. Our reputation is built on a solid foundation of superior customer service combined with creative and technical excellence.


Where We Do It?
The design of our current facility is reflective of technology and workflow shifts in the industry. Ever growing bit rates and file sizes demand nimbleness and the ability to scale storage, connectivity, computation, and security.

Your Content. Our Solutions.

The Crawford Media Management Portfolio of Services


Digital Migration
Expert engineers and migration operators manage facilities and workflows designed to scale for audio, video, or film collections of any size.
Digital Archive
Our purpose-built, managed archive utilizes erasure code technology to ensure the integrity and durability of your data.
Descriptive Metadata
Metaforce utilizes a proprietary platform and distributed workforce to write descriptive metadata quickly and cost-effectively.
Asset Management
Crawford Engage allows you to increase the value of your content by enabling search, access, and management of your assets from anywhere.

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