Working with you even beyond workflow and file management.

Workflow and file management are critical; but what about storage, accessibility, security, connectivity and distribution?

Converting thousands of hours of video, film and audio into preservation quality files creates an enormous amount of data.

That data must be actively managed in a stable, secure environment backed up by a disaster recovery plan. Commodity storage appliances like external hard drives and NAS arrays are simply not up to the task, while tape only solutions are more expensive than they appear and provide no way to monitor the integrity of your files.

The infrastructure at Crawford Media Services includes one of the most advanced enterprise-class private data centers in the world. It is actively managed and purpose built for media archival services at rates below current commodity cloud storage services.

Crawford Media Services launches new, high tech archive upgrade.

We have now installed a Quantum Lattus storage system as an upgrade to our digital archive. Lattus uses a cutting edge technology, known as erasure codethat encodes the archived data with forward error correction and spreads it across many storage nodes. This provides a level of immunity to system failure and data corruption not previously achievable. With the option of geographically separated disaster recovery tapes, managed by us and stored in a salt mine, we now offer the highest level of long term digital archive services.


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