AMBER: Digital Archive

Nothing Preserves Like AMBER

To protect your irreplaceable digital assets they must be kept safe and accessible.


Permanently storing large collections of media requires actively managed enterprise class storage. External hard drives and NAS disk arrays are simply not up to the task. Online data tape libraries are more expensive than they appear and make it difficult to monitor the integrity of your data. The infrastructure at Crawford Media Services includes one of the most advanced private data centers in the world. Crawford AMBER is actively managed and purpose built for media archival services at rates below many commodity cloud storage services.

  Optimized for data durability
  Off-site disaster recovery copy included
  Media refreshes included
  Housed in private Tier 3 targeted data center
  Fully redundant power and cooling infrastructure
  Highly secure with multiple layers of triple authentication
 Dedicated fiber ring to Atlanta’s major carrier hotel
 Full path diversity


Accessible Data & Disaster-Proof Backups

AMBER is housed in a private Tier 3 targeted data center.


Data stored in Crawford AMBER is accessible on spinning disk at all times while disaster recovery copies are stored in an underground salt dome thousands of miles away. But there are bigger threats to data than natural disasters. When storing legacy assets for decades, equipment failure and data decay are not just potential threats to your data, they are certain. Crawford AMBER’s Lattus archive employs erasure code, the most advanced technology available to protect the integrity and durability of your data.


Case Study: Quantum Lattus

Crawford leverages Lattus storage to streamline protection of client content.


Crawford is using Quantum’s Lattus object storage to build a content repository that supports mass migration of its clients’ legacy content to digital formats and provides ongoing media storage and management. Using a cutting edge technology known as erasure code, Lattus provides a level of immunity to system failure and data corruption not previously achievable.



Unrivaled Archive Technology

Understanding Crawford’s Erasure Code Technology


Creating a permanent archive of digital data is a real challenge. Why? Because the most practical digital storage technologies, like spinning disks and data tape use magnetic media. Guess what? Magnetic media is not archival. All those little bits of magnetic information stored on a hard drive slowly lose their charge, and the mechanism wears out, and becomes obsolete, and the information is even bombarded and corrupted by cosmic rays. The combination of these assaults on your information can be called data decay.

You have to copy your data to fresh media before there is too much data decay. In addition to refreshing the media, every scheme for archiving data has relied upon having duplicate copies of the data. The idea is that if one of your copies is lost or corrupted you can fall back on the others. The problem with all of these strategies is that they are time consuming, expensive, and difficult to manage. Read more…