Discussing the Eyes on the Prize Project at AMIA 2016


At AMIA 2016, Crawford National Accounts Manager Emily Halevy joined Jim Hone and Irene Taylor from Washington University to discuss the Eyes on the Prize Digitization and Reassembly project. Regarded…

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Diaries of a Dailies Technician


One of The CW’s most successful franchises, The Vampire Diaries returns to the network Friday. The series, which introduced viewers to the talents of Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, and Ian…

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Catching Up With Crawford’s Crew: Katey Black

Katey Black

The head of Crawford’s welcoming committee, Katey Black directs client traffic flow through Crawford’s post production facilities. She’s rights misaligned calls, mail and visitors … and knows how to translate…

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Making Messages Matter


In today’s landscape of video production, the value of content is often measured in views, likes, and shares. With the smart phone, everyone is a DP. Cat videos and dancing…

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Site Visits Crucial to Vendor Selection

site vist

No matter the industry, customers have countless vendors willing to take the job. So how does a procurement specialist narrow down the list of potential vendors? One of the most…

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Erasure Code: Understanding Next-Level Digital Archive Technology

erasure code

Recently, a Quantum Lattus storage system was installed to upgrade our digital archive. Using a cutting edge technology known as erasure code, Lattus provides a level of immunity to system…

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Catching Up With Crawford’s Crew: Steve Schutte

Steve Schutte

Steve Schutte is a key cog in the success of Crawford’s Media Management division. He has had a hand in a number of massive, high-profile gigs, including projects for The Paley…

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