One of the top shows on TV, The Walking Dead, will continue its 6th season shot on film processed by Crawford/Cinefilm.  Welcome back to all of our Dead friends!
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Crawford Media Services acquired Cinefilm Lab in 2013 as a commitment to ensure the availability of film processing on the East Coast.  For over three decades, Cinefilm has been the trusted partner for companies shooting film in Georgia and the surrounding areas.  Since acquiring the lab, Crawford has extended its outstanding reputation for customer service and technical excellence to film processing, making Crawford the most comprehensive provider of production support and post production services on the East Coast. The preference for shooting film is still alive and well in Hollywood circles as proven by the renewed commitments of Kodak and elite filmmakers like Christopher Nolan. For productions shooting film on the East Coast, Crawford/Cinefilm is here to help.

A few of the films we have processed in the past 30 years

  • Anchorman 2 Movie
  • Identity Theif Movie
  • Hall Pass Movie
  • Zombieland Movie
  • The Blind Side Movie
  • The Three Stooges Movie
  • Killing Season Movie
  • Parental Guidance Movie
  • Madea Goes To Jail Movie
  • The Collection Movie
  • The Way Home Movie
  • My Cousin Vinny Movie
  • Driving Miss Daisy Movie
  • Fried Green Tomatoes Movie
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Crawford Media Services offers a wide range of Film & Digital Dailies services, either on-set or right here at Crawford. Check out our Dailies page for more information.