Crawford Engage: Your digital archive, anywhere.

Crawford’s custom-built asset management system, the Crawford Engage, allows you to increase the value of your content by enabling search, access, and management of your assets from anywhere. Engage is a web-based system that eliminates the traditional pain points of asset management. Designed to be easy to learn, there is no hardware to buy, and no software to license or install. Engage adopts to your metadata schema and provides granular control over user accounts. Low upfront costs reduce risk and help you realize a faster return on investment.

What is media asset management?

A media asset management (MAM) solution is essential for searching, viewing, and accessing your media files. The media managed by MAM systems often includes audio, video, and graphics files. Engineered to handle massive collections of large media files, MAM tools make it easy for members of an organization to quickly transfer and export media.


In today’s media landscape, the need for content multiplies daily. Effective MAM systems make it possible for companies to improve productivity, streamline workflows, and in turn, realize greater return on investment.



Engage is SIMPLE.

Ease of use is a hallmark of the Crawford Engage MAM. In most cases, users are up and running in minutes. There is nothing to buy, install or integrate. Turn CapEx into OpEx with a low monthly fee.

Engage is POWERFUL.

Manage, search and access your content with advances like SoundSearch, multiple lightboxes, mappable metadata, frame accurate source timecode and direct export to professional editing systems.

Engage is SECURE.

Engage is the web-based solution that puts you in complete control of user accounts and permissions for your entire archive. You assign the number of users you need and the levels of access they should have.


  • Increase the value of your digital archive by enabling search and playback of assets from anywhere.
  • 100% web-based operation for multiple browsers and operating systems
  • Shareable lightboxes for aggregating multiple search results.
  • High quality proxies with original source timecode allow conforming to high resolution archived files.
  • Advanced HTML player for easy navigation, scrubbing and playback.
  • Integrated timecode notes, transcripts, sub-clips, and metadata editing
  • SoundSearch phonetically locates spoken words and phrases without transcripts, keywords, or descriptions.
  • Manage permissions and features across agency, organizations, groups, and users.


  • Engage is purpose-built for rapid adoption, ease of use, scalability, and very low cost.
  • There are no licenses, maintenance fees, or downloads, and new features are automatically updated.
  • Engage adapts to your metadata schema including categories, sub-categories, and forced vocabularies.
  • Save time and money with export of clips and timecode notes to Avid, Final Cut Pro, and Adobe Premiere.
  • Your high resolution files can be safely and securely archived in our enterprise-class data center.
  • You get the benefit of our infrastructure, technology, and expertise without making the investment.


What to know more about the Crawford Engage Archive Management Tool? Leave a message and a representative from our team will reach out shortly.

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