CASE STUDY: KQED Public Media for Northern California
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pdf-downloadA news outlet that brands itself the “community-supported alternative to commercial media”, KQED has long been a source for cutting edge news, arts, and entertainment in Northern California. Over the years, KQED has reported on – and collected – countless moments of regional, state, and national significance. The station recognized the importance of preserving and making these moments (and other) available digitally. In 2013, KQED contracted Crawford Media Services to do just that.


KQED’s collection of archived assets included formats of all shapes and sizes, ranging from 1-inch, ¾-inch U-matic, Beta, D3, and D5, VHS, DVCAM to HDCAM. Since initiating the digital migration in 2013, Crawford has digitized nearly 10,000 tapes. In all cases, the sources have been digitized to MXF-wrapped Lossless Motion JPEG2000 files for the KQED archive. Additionally, MXF-wrapped MPEG-2 (IMX at 50Mbps for the Standard Definition tapes and XDCAM at 50Mbps for the High Definition Tapes) were created as the station’s production specification.


In 2016, the Crawford LIFT digitization team added KQED’s 16mm newsreel collection to the project scope. To date, nearly 275,000 feet of film has been scanned. KQED specified 2K DPX deliverables for their archive and 50 Mbps MXF-wrapped XDCAM HD at 29.97fps for production files. All files are written to LTO-6 tapes formatted using LTFS.


“One of the main reasons behind our efforts is to repurpose and monetize this material as stock footage. It will also serve the public as a valuable historic research tool,” said Robert Chehoski, Manager of Digital Asset Management and Archives for KQED. “We have been very pleased with the quality of return we’ve seen from this project. The project management team at Crawford is always available, the migration engineers at are experts in the field, and the facilities and equipment are top-notch. We are looking forward to our continued work with Crawford.”

Crawford Media Services provides premium content services, including mass digitization, human generated descriptive metadata, digital archive storage and archive asset management for all owners of media content. Our service based model allows us to provide the customized solutions necessary to meet the specialized challenges now faced by content owners. We do the heavy lifting to make unruly media collections ready for market.

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