Metaforce: Descriptive Metadata


Empower Your Content


Metaforce is a metadata tagging platform for a distributed workforce of professionals to deliver services including descriptive metadata writing, captioning, and clip selection to enhance the value of your content. Offering a unique suite of high-value content services to support all types of archive projects, Metaforce provides the technology, expertise and manpower to undertake daunting media asset management projects in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of in-house costs.


Accurate metadata records are the best way to add value to digital assets. Budget and labor allocation often makes internal metadata entry a challenge. In most workflows, the processes of data entry are not streamlined and metadata tends to be inconsistent and therefore less useful. Organizations typically face inadequate staffing to tackle the demands of consistently writing metadata.

Metaforce specializes in descriptive metadata writing. Because it utilizes an experienced, distributed workforce of contractors, Metaforce is able to deliver the hyper-efficient results outlined. Our skilled team accesses content through a secure, proprietary platform, using custom-built, cloud-based tools.

A key differentiator of the service is the ability to centrally manage tasks, files, and metadata services. As content and metadata needs change, so too does the allocation of Metaforce resources to the project.


Detailed, Client-Specific Training

Metaforce writers are trained and tested for each project.


We combine sophisticated technology and smart administration with a massive distributed workforce to enable a fast, high-quality system of metadata creation. Crawford employs this unique parallel workflow to enhance the value of your content quickly and a low cost.

Metaforce leverages a distributed workforce of trained contractors to catalogue elements that have potential reuse value. Our custom-built, highly secure web tools allow us to assign tasks as well as deliver meaningful metadata directly, with a custom API. The Metaforce team is scaled exponentially based on your content needs. With centrally managed tasks, files, and writers, our skilled project managers deliver unparalleled quality and hyper-efficient results for every project.


Case Study: MTV Vault Project

Viacom Utilizes Metaforce to Re-Use and Monetize Classic MTV Vault Assets


When Viacom specified metadata tagging as part of its MTV Vault Project, Metaforce was the ideal solution to meet the challenge. The immediate success of the project – allowing all MTV teams from MTV News to programming, promos, press and more dive into the archive – was in large part the result of the the media files tagged by Metaforce.

High-value content services were customized by the Metaforce team to fit the the needs of the MTV Vault Project, allowing Viacom to focus on reusing their original content.

Metaforce Services

Metadata. You know you need it. The only way to unlock all of your content is with rich descriptive metadata. But who can watch all those hours of content and write metadata that makes sense for your company?

  Metadata writing
  Stock footage clip selection
  Program segmenting
  Commercial extraction
  Audio and video transcription
  Picture synchronization
  MAM implementation planning and consulting
  Database strategy development and management
  Archival consulting, analog-to-digital strategies
  Film and video migration and restoration strategy


The Metaforce Process


Metaforce is technology-neutral and not influenced by any hardware or software providers. We consult with you to develop a taxonomy and send you samples until you are happy with the quality. Then we ramp up to deliver quickly so you get a fast ROI. Get the metadata you need to empower your content.


1. Your Content

You have a library of media or other content, and it needs to be organized.

2. Schema Creation

Metaforce consults to create schema, metadata, and organizing principles for your content.

3. Distributed Workforce and Cloud

Using cloud access and our distributed workforce, we tag and organize your content.

4.  Resulting Files

Preview files and final files are created, along with metadata to unlock their potential.

5. Tagged and Organized

Ingest into your own DAM system, or use our best-in-class Engage asset management solution.

6. Storage

With content migrated, tagged, and organized, we will help you decide on storage that best suits your needs.